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My thoughts on using a Mac for business

The popularity of Apple computers is very evident today. When I first started looking at computers and accounting software back in the early eighties, my attention was caught by the Macintosh. It was without doubt superior and different, but the downside for me was that there was no real accounting package available to run on this wonderful machine. I could not afford two machines, so I had no option but to go the PC route.


Today the story is very different and not because software developers have gone all out to remedy the problem of running accountancy software on Macs. At around 2005/2006 Apple took a defining leap and turned to Intel based hardware, so now Mac users have the ability to run multiple platforms on their machines. This is all thanks to developers such as Parallels and VMware.


In my particular case, I use VMware Fusion to run Microsoft Windows on my MacBook Pro and have done so for a few years now. This has allowed me to run Sage accounting and payroll software, together with other accountancy software such as Iris. These packages run with consummate ease and they give me the flexibility of transferring files between the two platforms, Windows and OS X Yosemite. You can of course use the Mac version of Microsoft Office if you need for example, Excel or Word. However, you can use the Microsoft versions through VMware Fusion using any of the Windows variants.


VMware Fusion is a relatively inexpensive product that provides an extremely useful solution allowing you the best of both worlds. You can buy this software at any Apple Store or by visiting




With VMware Fusion, once you have chosen your version of Windows and installed Sage, you will see that not only can you run your accounting software, but you have the best OS platform running simultaneously to give you the effortless computing that is Apple. You may also have an iPhone and an iPad, these can run and integrate with your Mac to keep other things synced. Once you have Sage on your Mac, you may want to get the Sage 50 Accounts Mobile app from the App Store. It’s free and gives you live access to Sage 50 Accounts.


For more help on VMware Fusion, you can visit the iBook Store and download the free book –


Take Control of VMware Fusion 3 – Joe Kissell


Whilst this is not the latest version of the software (version 7 is the current variant), the book is a really useful guide to using VMware Fusion. So please remember this when addressing matters that relate to the later version.


Joe Kissell has written a number of helpful books on using Mac related products, you can see and get these from Apple’s iBook Store.